Memberships on Subscription

Everything available in the
membership system - but on a paid subscription model

Sell memberships on a subscription basis, generating recurring revenue and increased customer loyalty.

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The subscribe to a membership card component.

Letting your most loyal customer subscribe to exclusive perks can heighten your customer retention
and make sure they won't even consider visiting the competitors

Revolutionize your business

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Recurring Revenue — Generate recurring revenue - even when your venue is closed.

A screenshot of the Nyx membership app containing a museo membership card.

Built on top of the membership system — Memberships on subscriptions are not required - some memberships can be free. It's entirely up to you.

A chart showing numbers of subscribers and recurring revenue per day.

Data insights — Track how many subscribers you gained and how your subscription business is growing - in real time.

Flexible pricing model for venues of all sizes

Small club or large venue?
We’ve got you covered

One subscription

Pay as you go


Starting price per month.


As your member database grows, so does the cost. Only approved members count; pending and rejected members are free of charge. Billed in blocks of 100.

1 - 1,000 members

€5.50 / 100 members / month

1,001 - 10,000 members

€2.25 / 100 members / month

10,001 - 20,000 members

€1.00 / 100 members / month

More than 20,000 members

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Each active login - be that an employee, promoter or owner - with access to your administration apps.

Active login

€3.50 / month


You may wish to brand your venue with different identities depending on weekday, season or event. Each of these identities contain an isolated membership system. One (primary) identity is required.


€25 / month

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