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With the graphical color-coded overview, our table system makes it easy to keep track of your tables in real time and make sure every guest receives that extra personal touch

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A screenshot of the Nyx mobile employee app showing the graphical table overview.

With deposits, booking and promoter history and the automatic notification system, your guests' table experience will never be the same

Streamlining the guest experience from first contact until the morning after

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Bob Vance


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Measure booker performance - Easily measure performance of your table bookers.

Graphical overview - With the simple, real-time graphical overview, it's easy for every host to be on top of everything.

Table 14

Bob Vance - Aug 17, 2021, 14:21 - Web

Booked Table

Bob Vance - Aug 17, 2021, 15:28 - Phone

Swapped from Table 10 to Table 14

Bob Vance - Aug 17, 2021, 15:29 - Phone

Linked to Table 15

Katelyn Raymond - Aug 20, 2021, 23:34 - Tablet ID: 11143

Marked as 'Arrived'

History - See exactly what was done when, by whom, and accumulate customer history over time to get to know your guests.

A screenshot of the Nyx employee app for mobile showing the book/edit table interface.

Prepayments - Define a deposit to reduce no-shows and receive payment upfront.

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Dear Ricky
We are happy to confirm your booking for 8 for Friday, October 15.
See you then!

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Dear Ricky
A quick reminder that you have a booking for tonight.
Looking forward to seeing you later!

Text reminders - With our automated text notifications your guests will receive confirmations, a friendly reminder and/or even a follow-up text the next day. Fully customizable.

Flexible pricing model for venues of all sizes

Small club or large venue?
We’ve got you covered

One subscription

Pay as you go


Starting price per month.


As your member database grows, so does the cost. Only approved members count; pending and rejected members are free of charge. Billed in blocks of 100.

1 - 999 members

€0.05 / member / month

1.000 - 9.999 members

€0.03 / member / month

10.000 - 20.000 members

€0.02 / member / month

More than 20.000 members

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Each active login - be that an employee, promoter or owner - with access to your administration apps.

Active login

€3.25 / month


You may wish to brand your venue with different identities depending on weekday, season or event. Each of these identities contain an isolated membership system. One (primary) identity is required.


€20 / month

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