Flexible pricing model for venues of all sizes

Small club or large venue?
We’ve got you covered

One subscription

Pay as you go


Starting price per month.


As your member database grows, so does the cost. Only approved members count; pending and rejected members are free of charge. Billed in blocks of 100.

1 - 1,000 members

€5.50 / 100 members / month

1,001 - 10,000 members

€2.25 / 100 members / month

10,001 - 20,000 members

€1.00 / 100 members / month

More than 20,000 members

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Each active login - be that an employee, promoter or owner - with access to your administration apps.

Active login

€3.50 / month


You may wish to brand your venue with different identities depending on weekday, season or event. Each of these identities contain an isolated membership system. One (primary) identity is required.


€25 / month

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